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ITSaaS simplifies the managed-IT process by eliminating the old, messy, time-consuming, and costly way networks have been run, introducing a new, streamlined, swift, and affordable network management system. The result is a secure, reliable network flexible to your needs, adaptable to new programs or functions, and scalable to whatever size you build your business.

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ITSaaS makes the necessary recommendations based on the needs of your company. Our analysis will allow us to better structure your facility to meet our network optimization phase. Once our design is ready for implementation, our team deploys all the necessary components the new infrastructure requires.



Our technicians monitor your network and every connected device, ensuring seamless access to your company's database across platforms, preemptively correcting potential problems before they can impact users. Our tools notify and alert our system of complications such as hardware failure, system errors, malicious intent, or internet dropping.



ITSaaS maintains the well-being of your network and all managed devices by regularly checking their health, as well as making sure everything is up to date. We proactively look for any signs of decline and coordinate with your business if we detect something that needs to be remedied.

Backup Disaster Recovery

BackUp Disaster Recovery:

We can recover lost files if they are accidentally deleted, become corrupted, or simply go missing. A total loss to your company's database is no longer catastrophic, and often quickly repairable, with the convenient backup system we design for your business.



From system vulnerabilities to ransomware, phishing, worms, viruses, and hackers, we filter security flaws in systems by adding a reliable firewall to your network and deploying geocentric filters which scans each file before it reaches a device.



We troubleshoot all issues with our state-of-the-art network monitoring system, making corrections in real-time, often before you even encounter the problem. If something unforeseen occurs, simply e-mail or call, and we will promptly address the issue.

Remote Support

Remote Support:

When technical complications get out of hand, we can access your devices remotely. This allows for immediate action and mitigates wait time of dispatching a professional on site to inspect the device.

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